Friday, 13 April 2012

A Touch of Frost

Colour on the Side

“Just to think in terms of colour is enough to set the soul alight. Shapes are known to people by words, but colour can make its own shape and exists in its own right.”

Sir Terry Frost (1915-2003) was one of Britain’s most respected and passionate abstract artists, championing the autonomy of colour and its highly emotive power.

Colour is central to his is evident in Colour on the Side. Those signature rounded forms reoccur in many of his prints but somehow manage to explore a new dynamic each time, delighting and surprising us in ways that are not always easy to describe.  

Black and Mauve on Grey

Red, Blue, Orange on Yellow

Frost himself stated: 

"I am convinced that people who look for words to describe art completely miss what is in a good work, for words describe the known image, good art is indescribable and that is why it is usually an irritant."

So, no more words. Let these prints from our collection here do the talking.

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  1. I wanted to know 5 words to describe his work for my homework but this was no use at all....soz